Car Warranty

All cars come with a standard 3 month return to base warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

This warranty covers manufacturer problems, but does not cover user damage. Any modifications you make to the vehicle are at your own risk and void the warranty.

Return to base warranty means that you are responsible for getting the car back to our warehouse or service centre at your cost for any issues to be sorted. Rest assured, if you do experience any difficulties with your car, we can fix 99% of these over the phone or by sending out parts for you to replace. We can also arrange for you to visit our service centres dotted throughout major centres in the country.

Battery Warranty

Batteries are covered for 1 month after purchase date.

Please follow the instructions so as to look after your battery as over charging, or running the car battery too flat will damage the battery. Charge car for 10 hours over night (8-12hr is ok) after every use of the car that is over 5-10 minutes to ensure your battery doesn't get too flat, or doesn't get over charged (don't leave charging for 24 hours!)