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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the car onsite at the showroom?

Yes you can, but all sales must go through our website, this way you are assigned an order number so we can track your car if you were to have any problems with the car. You can purchase through the website on your phone at the warehouse & collect the car immediately. Or return to collect after processing the order at home.

Why do all your cars have EVA rubber tyres?

EVA rubber is superior to plastic tyres as they have better grip, durability and impact absorption.


EVA is basically a synthetic rubber. They do have a plastic like look to them, but put against a plastic tyre, they do clearly look different. You can determine your tire type by pressing your thumb into it; Rubber gives a little, plastic is rock hard.

How long does the battery last?

For most cars, after a full charge the manufacturer battery will last 60 minutes of continuous use. The drifter will last about 20 minutes as it uses a lot more power.  By upgrading the quality of these batteries, the battery will last longer.


Unfortunately NZ is too small a market & we can't change the batteries at factory, so if you want longer playtime, your best option is to grab an upgraded battery.

Manufacturer batteries will normally last approximately 12 months from purchase date with correct care.

What is the correct charging routine for my car?

Cars are best stored fully charged. So after any use of over 10 minutes, charge  your car for 10 hours overnight (or until the red light turns green). Overcharging will damage the battery, as will storing the car with a low battery for long periods of time.

Can I use my mini-car outside in the rain or beach?

Minicars are not designed to be driven in the rain or on sand. Using your car in the rain is at your own risk as it will likely corrode several mechanics in the car, and water damage is not covered under warranty. Also sand will get into the wheel motors.

Where can I view the cars?

Viewing is in Tauranga by appointment only on weekdays. Please call 0508 6464 22  to arrange a viewing time, for more information please click viewings tab.

Why is freight so expensive?

Courier services take items up to 25kg. The cars are over 25kg, so must be sent on transport services. We are not making money off freight, instead sometimes subsiding it. We are also actively working toward measures to reducing transport costs.

My remote isn't connecting to the car?

Bring the remote close to the car. Hold the car select button down on the remote, while still holding the car select button down start the car. Keep holding the car select button for 10secs  so the car & remote sync together. Then you can drive the car using the remote. You may need to try this a few times before it Syncs.

*Make sure the batteries are new.


 If the kids are going to drive on their own, you still have the option of syncing the remote to the car, and then you can use the parental override button to assist them with driving or to use the emergency stop button if needed. 

(the speed setting on the remote will determine the speed while driving manually)

Do you have the parts to fix the car?

Yes, we carry parts for our cars. This allows us to get you up and running much faster than other companies, as we are one of the few, or only companies in NZ to supply minicar parts. These are the most common parts requested, but we do carry a lot more than these in stock, so feel free to ask if we have your part. If we don't have your part, and you bought the car from us, then we can order this for you.

What happens if my car isn't doing what it should?

Contact us. This service is predominately for those of you who bought your car from us, so for best service, include your order number to help us quickly find your order to help you out. We will do everything we can to get you driving again. Those of you who didn't buy your car from us, you can still order parts from us, but we don't offer the same problem solving service. This is reserved for our customers & cars. We stand by our cars and suppliers. We don't know which factories other retails get their cars from, and the associated quality.


We have an experienced service assistant working with us based in Tauranga. We will do our best to fix the problem over the phone and by sending you parts as needed to get you up and running quickly again. To do this though, we need your help. Give us as much information as you can about what is happening with the car, your phone number is helpful too.


For example:  My car won't start doesn't tell us enough. Give us as much information as you can about what happened when it stopped working, and what is happening now. We may ask several other questions to help us isolate the problem, such as: Do the lights work? Did it suddenly stop, or gradually? Does it restart on its own accord?  How long are you charging the car for? What does the battery meter read?


If we can't fix it over the phone / by sending out the right parts, we do have 10 service agents throughout NZ. We can arrange for you to visit the closest one to you. This is reserved for our customers, under warranty, or on a special pricing rate. If you didn't buy from us, your best option is to contact your local auto-electrician to fix the car. We recommend getting a quote first though. You are welcome to purchase any parts you require from us - assuming we have the parts you need in stock. We only stock the parts for our cars.