Common Problems

Your ride on toy won’t start or starts, stops and starts again:

The reasons a ride on won’t start or it stops then starts up again are due to battery/electrical faults.  Check these first:

1: Ensure the battery charger is disconnected from the charging port.  The ride on will show no signs of life if the charger is plugged in

2: Check the battery terminals are tight… red to red, black to black

3: Ensure the wires on the charging port are securely soldered (under the seat)… if your charging port is elsewhere you may not be able to check this

4: Check that all the male-female plastic plugs are secure

5: Check the small copper pins in the back of the male-female plugs are firmly seated


After checking these 5 points – if the ride on remains completely dead (shows no sign of life, no lights, no horn – nothing)! …email us at along with your Order # (or the LAST name as per the actual order) confirming you’ve checked the 5 points above and we’ll have a technician call you


Causes of battery failure:

Under-charging and over-charging.  The battery meter (usually on the MP3 Player screen) will read 12.6> when fully charged.  When it drops into the ’11s’ it is time to charge the ride on car.  We recommend 8-10hrs overnight.  6hrs is not long enough and 15hrs is too long!

If after charging – the car is sluggish – remove the battery and take it to your local car-battery shop.  Ask them to ‘load-test’ it.  If it fails, buy a new battery


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