STANDARD 3MTHS (*Return To Base): 
If you the customer find a Mechanical or Electrical Fault within the first 3 months from date of delivery you must firstly notify us of the fault by emailing us at service@minicars.nz  …include your Order # or the LAST name that was used on the actual order together with a brief account of the symptoms or issue.  We will endeavour to fix the problem over the phone or by email and will send parts to you if needed.  We carry a good range of spare parts. Please note, batteries are excluded from the warranty.


We will endeavour to fix the problem over the phone or by email and will send parts to you if needed.  We carry a good range of spare parts


If your car needs to come in for repair, Minicars has Service Centres in the following cities:  Auckland  |  Hamilton  |  Napier  | Tauranga  |  Feilding  |  Masterton  |  Whanganui  |  Wellington  |  Nelson |  Christchurch  |  Dunedin  |  Gore  |  Invercagi


Minicars will use its best endeavours to repair the fault within 21 working days.  In the event minicars.nz is unable to repair the car and the fault renders it useless, minicars.nz will swap it for a new one or demonstration model.  In the event the Make of the car returned is no longer available, minicars.nz after consultation with you will replace it with one that for all intents and purposes is much the same as the broken one in terms of colour, quality, size, price and speed.  Minicars will send any such replacement to you at its own expense


EXTENDED WARRANTY:  Terms as per the STANDARD WARRANTY are extended to 12mths from date of purchase


MINICARS.NZ LIMITED takes every precaution to ensure the products described on its website match what’s inside the box.  However, you the customer acknowledge that the ride ons are mass produced in China with many differing options and that no absolute guarantee can be made that for example, the exact colour of the seat or bodywork will match the photo on the website.

Here’s how we handle discrepancies:

  • Colour: There are no distinctions regarding colour.  Red is red whether it’s maroon, plastic-colour or painted.  This goes for all colours.  However, if for example you receive a blue car but you ordered a white car, provided minicars.nz has a white car of the same Make and Model available, they will swap it out at their expense.  In the event a white car of the same Make and Model is unavailable minicars.nz will financially compensate you or swap your car for an equivalent car of your colour choice.  The wrong coloured car must be in new condition, unassembled and still be in its box, notwithstanding the box has been opened.  You acknowledge assembled cars cannot easily be couriered back to our Receiving Centre


REASONABLENESS: The customer acknowledges the cars are mass produced overseas and constructed mostly of plastics and represent good value for money in the scheme of things and agrees to be reasonable when making a claim for DISCREPANCIES and/or DAMAGE.  Whilst the factories take all reasonable care, light scratches on the plastic surfaces are a function of the manufacturing and assembly process and any replacement of removable parts will be at the discretion of minicars.nz.


BLACK Plastic: The customer acknowledges that the finish on black plastic cars may lack lustre and have mould-bruising or scratches from the manufacturing process


PRIVACY: MINICARS.NZ LIMITED will under no circumstances allow your personal information to be shared with anyone



  1. Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted (2.5% credit card fee applies)
  2. Internet Banking through PoliPay
  3. Lay-by $75 deposit and a minimum of $40 per week thereafter with delivery once fully paid
  4. ZIP (same as AfterPay) 25%deposit and 25% each fortnight thereafter but you get delivery of the car immediately
  5. Cash sales.  The funds must be banked to MINICARS.NZ LIMITED’s BNZ Account: 02-0432-0123477-00



If you do not complete your Layby purchase you forfeit your deposit but minicars.nz will refund any other payments made by you