Click & Collect Option for both Auckland and Tauranga – see each product for list of cars available at each location.
*Christchurch – hopefully available in October



We have a showroom in Auckland, and are developing on in Tauranga at current, and hoping to have a Christchurch showroom by November.



Please note these are small showrooms, not a full retail store. We have a small selection of cars on display so you can get a feel for size, quality and look of the cars. Full details of each car are on our website. We recommend you have a look at this first.
***Please note, you can’t drive the cars at the showroom for health and safety reasons. We do not want any injuries or traffic accidents!


Please call ahead:

Aukland: JPT International 09 571 0784 (2 Olive St Penrose)

Open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday only.


***Bookings essential*** – 10 minute bookings – so come prepared 🙂


Tauranga and Christchurch details yet to come