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Warranty Claims and Service:

Please email us at info@minicars.nz along with your Order # (or the LAST name as per the actual order) together with an outline of the problem.  We’ll be in touch and will sort it out for you…



Common Problems:

The battery stops working mostly due to overcharging so get your battery tested to see that it has 12v left in it.

The car battery wont charge, therefore no power, if you have tested the battery and it’s fine it could then be a recharger problem.

Assembly issues, no power due to not completing all connections eg red to red & black to black for the battery. Forgetting to put batteries in the remote, putting the motors on the wrong side making it go backwards when you push on accelerator or forward on the remote.



Chargers and Batteries:

The best place to buy replacement battery chargers is from Jaycar …they have stores and agents throughout the country.  Ask them for a 12v adaptor for your Mini Car


Batteries are available from most car battery stores.  Shop around, prices vary.


Most ride on cars come standard with a 12v 7amp battery.






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