Maintenance Tips For your ride on toy

TIPS ON HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR kids electric car

Kids ride on toys  are very easy to maintain if you follow the ride on tips.


Tip 1: Assembly

Most kids electric cars come flat packed and require simple assembly. Always follow the instruction manual when assembling. Relax and take your time taking care not to over-tighten screws. When parts clip together us the heel of your hand for extra grunt to avoid breaking the clips


Tip 2: Battery Charging

Before first use, your minicar may require a full charge as per the manual. If your ride on toy car is equipped with a built in battery meter, make sure it is reading 12.6 or above, anything less than this – give it a full charge 8-10hrs. If your kids electric car does not have a built in meter, we recommend buying an AMP meter to check its level. When it falls below 11 – fully charge it. The most convenient way is to charge it overnight.


Tip 3: Basic Use

Once you have assembled and made the remote compatible. Avoid using the vehicle around large, hard objects or buildings to minimise the risk of crashing and losing paint or causing damage.


Tip 4: Storage

Keep your kids electric car indoors during wet weather, avoid damp areas.  If you are not going to use the ride on car for 3-4 weeks or longer, disconnect the positive lead to the battery. Store your mini electric car in a safe place as damage is not covered under the warranty.


Tip 5: Care

Teach your child how to STOP and to be gentle with all doors and the steering wheel especially if it has power steering. Avoid curbs and rough surfaces.


Tip 6: Cleaning

When cleaning your ride on toy you may use a wet wipe or a damp soapy cloth. Microfibre cloths and meths also works well.


Tip 7: Spanner Check

As with any car give it a ‘once-over’ to ensure your mini car is safe; seatbelt is secure, tyres are not damaged and all nuts and screws are tight and that the steering wheel is on tightly.


Tip 8: Driving Surfaces

Unless you have a large 24V Ford ranger ride on, two seater or SUV, use your kids cars  on flat ground. Avoid driving on high grass, wet ground or uneven ground.  It will slow the ride on toy and load the battery which means the ride time will be shortened.


Tip 9: Changing Gears

Always make sure the kids electric car has come to a complete STOP before shifting from forward to reverse gear and vice versa to avoid stripping of the gears. Remember your kids car is manufactured mostly from plastics. Changes between forward and reverse can also cause whiplash decreasing enjoyment and can cause younger ones to bang their heads against the steering wheel.


Tip 10: Safety

Avoid the road, use the footpath, parks, boardwalks.  If your remote is equipped with a parental STOP button, take it with you and use it if you see danger coming.


Tip 11: Carrying

Don’t use the steering wheel as a handle. If your mini car does not have a carry handle pick it up with one hand under a front guard and the other under the opposing rear guard.