Mercedes 6 Wheeler


out of stock. More arriving March 2022. New to the market in late 2020, this car has been extremely popular with great feedback.  Powerful car, can take Parent & child. X2 peddles, 1 for child inside the car, + 1 peddle outside the car, parent sits on the back. This car carries up to 100kg!


  • Remote control
  • Maximum speed of 8km/h
  • Seats 2 children
  • 6x 35W motors
  • 1x 12 Volt 14 Amp batteries
  • LED lights
  • MP3 Player
  • Seatbelt
  • EVA-rubber types
Suitable for kids 2-5years (up to 110cm and 100kg)
Package size: 146x76x58cm
Assembled size: 139x68x61.6cm