All ride-on toy cars arrive with adequate batteries for normal use.  When their life is spent, the opportunity arises to replace with a higher grade for more playtime – more fun!


The more amperage, the longer the playtime 



7amp Standard                  $40+postage $15

9amp High Grade             $65+postage $15                 

10amp Standard               $60+postage $15    

14amp High Grade           $85+postage $15



If buying 2x batteries – postage for the 2nd one will be $10



Please deposit the funds to ANZ


Email us at with proof of payment, your name, address and phone number and we’ll courier to you…


Battery Charging:

Before first use, your minicar may require a full charge as per the manual. If your ride on toy is equipped with a built-in battery meter, make sure it is reading 12.6 or above, anything less than this – give it a full charge for 12hrs the first night and then 8-10hrs every night after use.  Undercharging and overcharging will shorten the life of your battery.  Do not run it dead flat! 


When the meter drops into the 11s it’s ready for a full overnight charge.