All ride-on toy cars arrive with adequate batteries for normal use.  When their life is spent, the opportunity arises to replace with a higher grade for more playtime – more fun!


The more amperage, the longer the playtime for ride on toys



7amp Standard                            $40+postage $15

9amp High Grade                       $65+postage $15                 

10amp Standard                          $60+postage $15    

14amp High Grade                      $85+postage $15


MINICARS BNZ: 02-0432-0123477-00

For payment by credit card please send us a photo of front and back of your card…


Email us at with proof of payment, your name, address and phone number and we’ll courier to you…


Battery Charging:

Before first use, your minicar may require a full charge as per the manual. If your ride on toy is equipped with a built-in battery meter, make sure it is reading 12.6 or above, anything less than this – give it a full charge for 12hrs the first night and then 8-10hrs every night after use.  Undercharging and overcharging will shorten the life of your battery


When it falls below 11 – fully charge it.  Do not run it dead flat! 


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