Simply follow these 6 tips and assembling your MiniCar will be a breeze. All you need is a screwdriver and some patience!


  1. Carefully unpack all the parts. Flip the ride on toy upside down and instal the motors/gearboxes and wheels.  Make sure to put the motors/gearboxes on the correct side otherwise the car will go backwards instead of forwards.  One gearbox will have the letter L or R on it.  Obviously because the car is on its back – the left side when standing behind the car is now the right side. Ford Ranger, Raptor and Lexus customers click here for important information
  2. If your car has direction tyres – the ‘arrow-heads’ should be pointing forwards.  Again, with the car flipped on its back, the ‘arrow-heads’ should point to the rear of the car (when you flip it right-side up they will be pointing forward)
  3. When fitting the steering wheel make sure the bolt goes through the hole in the steering column, secure tightly.  Do not let your child play with the steering if it is not securely fastened… the wiring will twist and break resulting in no horn or music
  4. Ensure all electrical plugs are tightly connected and make sure when connecting the battery you have RED to RED & BLACK to BLACK for power. If you get this wrong it could destroy the electrics
  5. When putting in the windscreen, it will need a firm amount of pressure in the right area to click it into place
  6. Take your time, and if you get stuck give us a call on 0508MINICARS


The batteries come charged, by all means use the ride on toy straight away but please charge it overnight for 12hrs and then 10hrs each night after use…


DO NOT undercharge or overcharge your battery… and don’t run it dead flat – it will shorten its life…